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The sports cycling glove Loreto from KinetiXx is a high-quality all-rounder with many functions.

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Pre: muži, ženy
Typ rukavíc: Power Foam, Mesh, EasyOff
Farba: modrá
Typ rukavíc: Cyklistické

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Detailed description

KinetiXx's Loreto cycling gloves with elastic spandex material and breathable micro mesh alternate on the backhand in a stylish combination. The palm is made of special Amara synthetic leather, which is not only weather-resistant, but also soft and grippy at the same time. The soft Xx Power Foam used as padding on the palm provides the glove with very good absorption even on uneven terrain. Another interesting feature is the practical removal tool on the middle and ring fingers, with which you can comfortably put on and take off the gloves. In addition, the soft insert between the index finger and the thumb protects this sensitive area when gripping and gives a good feeling when driving. Velcro fastening on the inside of the wrist completes the features of the cycling glove.


  • Xx Easyoff - internal silicone pockets on the fingers for quick and easy removal of gloves

  • Xx PowerFoam

  • Xx Mesh