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For performance-oriented bikers, KinetiXx offers the ultra-light cycling top model Linus, with an elegant cut over the wrist.

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Detailed description 

Ultralight cycling model Linus. The back of the ergonomic cycling glove is made of continuous ultra-thin mesh. For an elegant cut, the cycling glove is cut slightly longer over the wrist. This longer cuff is especially popular with racing cyclists as it supports the wrist for even more protection. The Velcro-free design also ensures a perfect, snug fit, avoiding wrinkles and bruises. The palm consists of two materials. Soft and grippy Amara synthetic leather, which thanks to its breathable properties is sweat-resistant and thus ensures a pleasant climate for the hands. And from the soft, but at the same time high-impact Poron filling, which fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand. XRD® technology relieves the hands thanks to the shock-absorbing material that can absorb up to 90% of the impact force. The filling is light and breathable at the same time. Small air holes also ensure even better air circulation. For high wearing comfort, the lining adapts flexibly to the hand and always remains dimensionally stable. The silicone print on the padding also offers optimal grip on the handlebars so that you always have full control over the handlebars. The glove is complemented by reflective elements for good visibility and soft wiping material on the thumb. With the Easy Pull Out System on the middle and ring fingers, the gloves can be taken off quickly and easily.


  • Xx Easyoff internal silicone pockets on the fingers for quick and easy removal of gloves

  • XRD® technology